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I tried multiple methods to solve the issue but it does not work. any help?


RUN THE SETUP.EXE with admin rights then run again
You should see those old errors gone now

Meet the man who has the most potential of the other candidates in the 2020 presidential election, Bernie Sanders has surpassed Joe Biden in first-quarter fundraising, based on an analysis by an independent group monitoring the 2020 Democratic field.

Sanders, the socialist Vermont senator who ran an insurgent campaign against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, has raised $23.7 million from grassroots contributions to far outpace the former vice president’s $15.7 million, according to an analysis conducted by online financial transparency group YouGov Polling.

The figure suggests that progressive voters are willing to back a Democratic Socialist, as Sanders has termed himself, while Biden, who ran as a moderate Democrat, has struggled to counter the appeal of Sanders. According to YouGov, Sanders raised $1.8 million in the last month of 2019.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, was not included in the analysis because of a lack of transparency for President Trump’s campaign.

Nascent reports

The Sanders fundraising figure is based on the sum of almost 50,000 contributions collected from his campaign, the Sanders 2016 campaign and the Sanders 2018 and 2020 campaigns. The $23.7 million was the result of 66,947 contributions, which amounts to a monthly average of $350,942, according to YouGov.

“The Sanders campaign continues to give and the Democracy Declassified team continues to collect

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SQL – SELECT column from subquery

I’ve got to following SQL query:
max(CAST((SELECT mytable2.XmlID from mytable2 WHERE mytable2.ID = mytable.ID) AS XML)) [ID]

Now I want to add another column and I’ve got the following code:
max(CAST((SELECT mytable2.XmlID from mytable2 WHERE mytable2.ID = mytable.ID) AS XML)) [ID]

This works when I add another SELECT, but not when I add the column Name. I’ve also tried without the bracket but that didn’t work.
It seems that the brackets creates some problems in the subquery.
So how can I add the Name column from the main query to the subquery?


max(CAST((SELECT mytable2.XmlID from mytable2 WHERE mytable2.ID = t1.ID) AS XML)) [ID]
FROM mytable t1

This has to be supported by at least the server version of MS SQL Server (though I can’t really imagine any reason why it wouldn’t be available — I haven’t used it in probably 10 years).


SUBQUERY is a SQL Server-specific syntax. It is not part of the ANSI standard. There are some SQL Server extensions in the ANSI standard, but SQL Server has its own extensions.
Given that, the only portable way is to use a correlated subquery:
SELECT mytable.XmlID, mytable.Name,
(SELECT mytable2.XmlID
FROM mytable2
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