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At around 9:00 pm on 11 August 1963, an incident occurred that remains unsurmised to this day: seven National Guardsmen from Camp Pike, Pike County, Mississippi,

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obtaining sale voucher in html format

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How to check file upload without server assistance

In python, I want to check whether an uploaded file is not corrupted (malformed).
Input file can be accessed in.msg (MIME) file format. I have tried to open the file with specified encoding. But, it is not working as expected. In the page documentation, it is specified that ascii files can be read with open(‘xmlfile’,’r’,’c’) and image files can be read with open(‘xmlfile’,’r’,’b’). But it is not working as expected.
Am I doing something wrong or it is not possible?
Why is an ascii encoded input file failing to open with open(‘xmlfile’, ‘r’, ‘c’)?


From the documentation of the open() function:

If mode is not ‘r’, the file is opened for binary read-only access.
If mode is not ‘w’, the file is opened for binary write access, or
truncated to zero length, or created if it does not exist.

You are sending a.msg file, and this file is actually a 7-bit encoded text file. According to that, it should be opened with mode=’r’. The correct argument would be:
open(‘xmlfile’, ‘r’, encoding=’utf-8′)

As to why that specific file format fails to be opened in text mode, the easy explanation is that it is not a text file, but rather a binary file that has been encoded in 7-bit ASCII. UTF-8 is more efficient than 7-bit encoding, so more people convert the source to UTF-8 than to 7-bit encoding.


How to access a php object’s variable outside class

I have a shopping cart in PHP. In the shopping cart, each product has an id. Each product also has a virtual

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Auto expand dropdown in Jquery mobile

I am having a div inside a div having a dropdown.

Now when i click on the div, it slides up. I want the div to be automatically expanded when i click on the div.


Give the div a height.
$(function () {
$(“#img_div”).click(function () {
height: “400px”

Edit: If you have to dynamically add or remove items it will be more complicated. The formatter is trying to set the heights correctly when you add/remove elements.
$(“#add”).click(function (e) {
var newElement = $(“”, {
“id”: “dropdownElement”,
“class”: “ui-body-

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