one of the most mainstream dating apps, you’ll find plenty of women with profiles on hinge. it helps that members ages 18 to 50 are very active. a year after starting, in new study published in the healthline interviewed more than 9,000 of its users, it concluded that “people who use dating apps or websites are no more likely to be sexually active than they were 20 years ago.” it also found that the site’s users are less likely to use alcohol or drugs while meeting.

like tinder, happn lets you virtually stalk your prospective hookup by scoping out where your matches like to hang out. it’s similar to facebook “check-in” features and helps you decide where’s the best place to go for a quick hookup with someone in your area. it’s so popular, it was even featured in one episode of the hbo show girls.

a little like an instagram for hookups, naughty america is a free dating app with a distinctively casual vibe. where tinder leans more toward the horny side of hookup (opens in new tab), naughty america is more hands-off and its cutesy self-introductions and witty one-liners aren’t afraid to talk dirty. it has a big hookup/non-hookup ratio with most of its users in the age range of 20 and 30.

a matchmaking app for casual encounters, clover takes a new approach. as soon as you create a profile, a person within your geographical area of city or state that shares your similar terms and activities comes to you by your job title, interests, age, and gender. it’s a convenient way to find somebody who is busy and interested in a quick hookup on saturday night after the seahawks won the super bowl. they tell me. they rock.

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