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How to fix it?
P.S: I’m not able to fix it, so I’m going to report this to the website.
Thanks a lot!


I fixed it by myself.
I cleaned up my windows profile, and changed the way it saves internet explorer.
I visited the following website
to update the registry with the following format:
I added \..\> to all my paths, and it works fine for now.
It’s a shame there isn’t a workaround.

[Prevalence of delusional parasitosis in psychiatric patients and controls].
Delusional parasitosis (DP) is a rare psychiatric condition consisting in a false belief that insects or other parasites are infesting or dwelling in the body. We evaluated the prevalence of delusional parasitosis in psychiatric patients and healthy controls. Five hundred and fifty-one psychiatric patients with delusional symptoms were enrolled in the study (285 males, 266 females), as well as 522 patients without psychiatric disorders (238 males, 284 females), and 524 control subjects without psychiatric disorders (249 males, 275 females). The prevalence of delusional parasitosis was 1.5% (8 of 551) among psychiatric patients, while 0.4% (2 of 522) of patients without psychiatric disorders and 0.4% (2 of 524) of controls had it (p=0.12). The prevalence of delusional parasitosis was comparable among patients with schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, schizophrenia and affective disorder (0.5%; 1 of 197), and patients with major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, organic mental disorder, brief psychotic disorder and schizophrenia (0.4%; 1 of 259), and without obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) (0.8%; 0 of 88; p=0.99). The prevalence of delusional parasitosis did not differ among paranoid and non-paranoid patients (1.9%; 3 of 164 and 0.5%; 0 of 89, respectively; p=0.58). No psychiatric disorders were associated with the prevalence of delusional parasitosis. The prevalence of delusional parasitosis was comparable in psychiatric patients and controls. Delusional parasitosis was found to be associated with neither the severity of

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Wow you caught me! It’s just a link to the pbx32fede40 download that i had uploaded on the pastebin.

You don’t have to do that, you could just delete that post, be a bit more civilized and not push us to the limits of the TOS, trust me it’s ok.

I’m not trying to be mean bro, i just like to tease you, it’s a test,i had recently uploaded the original link from the pastebin, if you use another link for my slow connection it won’t work.Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi is seriously ill and on the verge of death, supporters of the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing said on Wednesday, a claim contradicted by Scottish officials.

The Libyan embassy in London said the 69-year-old terrorist was suffering from prostate cancer but was responding well to treatment. It said he would be transferred on Saturday to a hospital near his home in Libya.

Megrahi has been serving a life sentence at the remote Scottish prison of Greenock since his 2001 conviction for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Last year a Libyan court sentenced him to five months’ hospital treatment for cancer, which supporters say has returned several times in the past five years to prevent him being sent back to Libya.

His lawyers had argued that he should not be sent back to Libya, which they say has sought to cover up his activities and pay his legal bills.

Megrahi’s supporters are angry that he has been kept in custody for years, costing Scotland more than £10m of taxpayers’ money, but the Scottish government denies it was asked to pay the costs.

The Libyan embassy in London said Megrahi was “responding to treatment”, adding: “We can confirm the patient has been transferred to a hospital near his home in Libya and he will be taken by helicopter to Tripoli where he will stay until his death.”

A Scottish government spokesman said: “The Scottish government does not comment on health issues of prisoners in Scottish prisons.”

Kevin Gahagnes, who was convicted with Megrahi and for 10 years served as the inmate trustee for Megrahi, said on Twitter: “Bibi [Libya’s first lady] calls Scotland her vacation home. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was

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