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You can solve this problem by using the TEXT-n option to the dns-query command. This means that when you run dns-query it will print your results in a nice text format. In which case you can use grep or another tool to extract what you want. Â (This may not be exactly what you want to do but this is the text-based view of what dns-query was putting out)
//dns-query -a -r \
-p 53 \
-t ds \
-T -n TEXT | grep ‘^>

The problem you’re running into is that the TEXT-n option for dns-query is a fairly recent addition to the dns-query tool so you’ll need to add the -n TEXT option in order for this to work.
Once you’ve got that version of dns-query configured you need to be careful when using it, it is not a valid DNS query when run in this way. If you don’t want to use the text output you can add -q option to tell dns-query that you’d like your output to be in a PTR format. In that case you can use grep or any other text parsing tool for extracting information.
//dns-query -a -r \
-p 53 \
-t ds \
-T -n PTR | grep “”

In the documentation for dns-query it shows an example of how to use it.


Jquery – Cachb size variable

I want to make my site to have a banner which hides when you scroll past certain point. I’ve made the following code, which works fine as long as you keep below the banner and then scroll, so the banner fills the screen.
However if you scroll up, so you get around 300px above the banner, the code won’t work as the banner is empty. So I tried making it so that the variable is equal to the height of the window, which is equal to 300px (the size of the banner).
So I did this:
if ($(this).height() – 100 > $(‘#banner’).offset().top) {

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