InspectExe Crack + Download [32|64bit] (2022)

Provides some general information about particular files, including the EXE type and basic properties, such as the version and file size, as well as full details about EXE and the PE/COFF headers.

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InspectExe Crack+ [32|64bit] [2022]

1) Whether to show selected functions:
• Microsoft Windows core functions
• All EXE functions
• Only imported functions (if enabled in settings)
• Only exported functions (if enabled in settings)
2) Compression level (0-10):
• 0 = No compression
• 1 = ZLib compression (default)
• 2 = BZIP2 compression
3) Enable this check box to search for specific values in PE file header section:
• BitArray value
• ReadOnly value
• RelativeVirtualAddress value
• AbsoluteVirtualAddress value
4) Maximum program size (in bytes):
• Maximum program size (not bytes)
• Maximum packed data size (not bytes)
• Maximum relocation size (not bytes)
5) Maximum program address:
• Maximum program address (in bytes)
• Maximum packed data address
• Maximum relocation address
6) Current program address:
• Current program address
• Current packed data address
• Current relocation address
7) Language:
• User-defined
• This module
• English (default)
7a) Define the main page as…
• Number of libraries
• Virtual size (in bytes)
• Packed size (in bytes)
• Relocation size (in bytes)
7b) Define the library names as…
• Library name
• Library location
8) Assign a name to this executable file (some files may have more than one)
9) Assign a short name to this executable file (some files may have more than one)
10) Maximum section name length:
• Maximum section name length
• Maximum section name length
11) Default section name length:
• Default section name length
• Default section name length
12) Report bad sections:
• Report bad sections
13) Report bad imports:
• Report bad imports
14) Disable/Enable method
• Disable
• Enable
14a) Define the method name (Any method):
• Any method
• Date Created
• Exported
• Entry Point
• From Any module
• From this module
• Function name
• Machine ID
• Machine Name
• User Name
14b) Define the method settings:
• Report only bad imports
• Warn when possible
• Only when imported function uses this method
• Only when imported function uses this method
14c) Define the method display method:


InspectExe Crack+ With Serial Key [Updated-2022]

Easy-to-use application for inspecting.EXE files.

Quickly find all components of an application.

A simple interface to help users distinguish between various files.

InspectExe is a simple and straightforward application designed to help users explore and diagnose potential problems with Win32 apps. To put it simply, the program provides some general information about particular files, including the EXE type and basic properties, which can be reviewed in minute details via the PE file header.

The tool does not come with an interface per se, but rather it can be accessed from the context menu, Properties sections. In the eventuality that the executable file analyzed contains the appropriate data, users can access further features, such as imports, exports, resources, library and sections.

The Imports page property displays all the imported module names and can provide extra information about each module, if the data exists. As the name suggests, Exports informs users about the exported functions that can be called by other programs, details that can be copied to clipboard.

The Sections menu includes lists of the section names that constitute the executable file, which are commonly displayed for all valid PE format images. The menu comes with a Compare function where users can learn more about the internal differences between two executable files. Therefore, it may come in handy when checking for viruses and or other malware known to change EXE files.Jamaica at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships

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What’s New in the?

InspectExe is a useful small application that provides a quick overview of the executable file’s structure, functions and possible issues with it. Users can view the header data from the PE file format in detail; this includes the information about the module version, architecture, entry point, and the size of the module. The EXE file’s imports and exports, as well as its sections, are also listed. The tool comes with a few functions that enable you to compare two executable files and also check whether the PE file is a 32-bit or 64-bit executable.
The application’s interface is designed with simplicity in mind; it only displays the general information about the PE file using some predefined drop-down menus and color pickers. The default layout requires a quick overview of the executable data, but users can customize the layout according to their preferences. As an added bonus, you can set the font for the displayed data and also choose to make it black or red in color.
As you can see in the screenshot below, the application displays the header information in the form of a table. To access a specific field, users need to click on the column headings to open the next pane. For instance, to view the module version, users need to click on the Version number field.
InspectExe Features:
OpenCV Optimization
Version 2.4.11 has implemented a few improvements and bug fixes regarding the performance of the application. An improved performance has been achieved thanks to the OpenCV library. Therefore, despite being a small application, the application is still able to achieve a decent performance when dealing with large images, such as the ones typically used in applications that access the video stream, and perform image tracking.
Accuracy Testing
The application’s performance has also been enhanced thanks to the new results validation. Thanks to this, users can perform a quick validation of the results without having to analyze and explore each file in detail. Furthermore, the application provides the possibility of saving the validated results to a text file. All the configuration and validation functions are embedded within the application; therefore, it is a breeze to figure out how to perform the validation or to modify the parameters.
Additional Features
The application has also been enhanced with a few more features that will make it even more useful in your image processing work. From now on, users can make use of the list view to make it easy for them to compare and analyze the same executable files with no effort. Furthermore

System Requirements For InspectExe:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10
CPU: Intel i3 2.0 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 1 GB or higher
Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics card
Hard Drive Space: 12 GB free space
Additional Notes:
Some audio files will play in the background.
Videos can be skipped or paused.
There is no in-game save option available.
You can also download Windows version here, Mac version here,

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