MKV To WMV Converter is a lightweight application which can help you encode video clips from the MKV format to the WMV or ASF extension.
The interface of the program is based on a small, standard window in which you have limited options at your disposal.
Video files can be imported by using the file browser only, since the “drag and drop” method is not supported (and neither is batch processing).
So, after you specify the output destination, name and extension, you can initiate the encoding process.
In addition, you can go to the “Options” area to change the audio and video encoding bit rate. Settings can be restored to their default values at any time.
The program takes up a very low amount of system resources (which can be barely noticed), allows you to change the font and interface language (via the context menu), quickly finishes an encoding task and manages to preserve a good image and sound quality.
No errors have occurred during our tests and MKV To WMV Converter did not freeze or crash. On the other hand, the program offers limited video conversion options (it doesn't let you modify additional audio and video preferences, such as aspect ratio, frame rate or sampling rate).
Furthermore, batch processing is not supported (which is the tool's biggest downside), the interface is outdated and the unregistered version is severely limited. We strongly recommend you look for something more advanced than MKV To WMV Converter.







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Makes it easy to convert, merge and split MKV (Matroska) videos.

Converts only the video part of an MKV file.

It takes care of splitting the MKV file into chapters (recording/instructional purpose).

Supports the following media file formats:

























DVD is not supported.

WMA (Windows Media) MP4 (Apple) and OGG (Ogg) are the only allowed audio formats.

MKV To WMV Converter Requirements:


Intel Pentium IV 2 GHz


256 MB RAM

Disk Space:

30 MB free

2 GB free space required.

How to convert MKV to WMV?
1. Open the program
2. Select the MKV file you want to convert
3. Select output format and other options
4. Click “Convert” button
5. This will begin the process and then ask if you want to start it or cancel.
6. Wait for the program to complete and then open the converted WMV file.

Problems with MKV To WMV Converter?

If you find that a video clip is not being encoded successfully you can try the following steps.


Try changing the video dimensions to up to 1920 x 1080

Adjust the framerate if it is slower than 15fps

Try changing to 24p if the video is in 24p format.

Use the “Convert Here” tab to limit the number of videos converted.


Use the single-pass VBR Mode for the best quality

Do a “Restore” operation if you want to retrieve the original quality

Try converting to a smaller file in order to free up disk space on your computer

Use a real-time tester to find out the encode

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With the help of the MKV To WMV Converter 2022 Crack you can convert MKV to WMV format videos with only a few mouse clicks. The conversion process is very fast and does not bring any loss in the conversion quality. It does not require you to install any additional software or additional codecs. The MKV to WMV Converter is a standalone tool and does not need additional hardware acceleration.
Key Features of the MKV to WMV Converter:
· All supported formats in MKV are supported
· All popular video formats are supported
· The conversion is done with high quality
· No changes to the original file are applied
· No loss in quality
· The converted file can be exported to the WMV format
· No additional hardware acceleration required
· No installation required
System Requirements:
· 2 GHz or faster CPU
· 1 GB RAM or more
· 3 GB free hard disk space
· 100 MB free hard disk space for the temp files
· All supported formats in MKV are supported
· All popular video formats are supported
· The conversion is done with high quality
· No changes to the original file are applied
· No loss in quality
· The converted file can be exported to the WMV format
· No additional hardware acceleration required
· No installation required
How to use?
· Run the program and navigate to the folder where you want to process files.
· Next, go to the “Add Files” to add the MKV files to the conversion list.
· You can also remove the files from the conversion list using the “Remove Files” button.
· Start the conversion and wait for the conversion process to complete.
· Finally, the finished WMV file can be downloaded from the “Output” tab.
· To change settings, navigate to the “Options” tab.
· The conversion process is handled by the program in the background while you work.
· When the conversion is completed, the extracted files are displayed.
· If you want to start the conversion of the next set of files, use the “Convert” button.
· You can also export the files into the MP4 format using the “Export” button.
· The program does not require any user interaction; if the conversion takes a long time, you can press the “Cancel” button to make a decision.
· You can also export the files into the MP3 format using the “Export” button.
· You can restart

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Video encoding without a hitch
Sound and image-quality preserving
Convert video between formats
Intuitive user interface

An ordinary person who really knows nothing about any computer, any coding and any conent editing.
The only thing he can do is to own an ideal Iphone.

The codecs, their encoders and their functions are not hard to figure out at all, and there is no need to go to some difficult tutorial or read complicated instruction manuals, especially after you know the basic coding language.
And the freeware we feature here is not just software, it’s software that comes with full documentation for both you and me.
You are just going to use it and that’s it.


Very recently, a large number of people tend to try to use the one on their own for editing,
converting, and optimizing their videos with a different file formats.
This particular software might be very useful for you.
It can help to free yourself from the hardships of the file conversion process,
allowing you to convert any file to the format you like.
The program is very easy to use and lets you quickly perform the conversion without
any difficulties.
The software has got a simple interface and is very easy to understand.
Moreover, you can use the excellent support if you have any questions regarding the program’s features.
These features are provided in a short but informative manual.
Although, the options are quite limited, you can change audio and video options.
For instance, you can change the audio or video quality by decreasing and increasing the bit rate and frame rate.
Additionally, the application is free. The conversion process is very easy and does not take a lot of time to complete.

Tatvinder Singh

I have a problem with this application… when i open it its says “application icon file is corrupt, please download and replace it”.. but when i try to open it again its is freezed.

Yahya Abdullah

I use this soft to convert my source file and save it. The result is good. But sometime the colors are false some time is missing some code.

Verified review:

Video Converter Free

Installed this app and try to convert video from mp4 to avi, avi to mp4.
But Video Converter Free stoped after approx 4-5 min, give error like “Failed to open codec

What’s New In MKV To WMV Converter?

Ultra-fast and powerful conversion software for converting MKV files to WMV or ASF. With this tool you can successfully convert MKV videos to WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4, ASF, MOV and MP3, and even burn them to DVD. Make your favorite MKV files playable on your home WMV player.
With MKV to WMV converter, you can convert MKV files to WMV video easily and quickly!
* Convert MKV files to WMV and other popular video formats with ease.
* Convert MKV to popular video formats, such as AVI, MPG, MP4, ASF, MOV and MP3.
* Convert multiple MKV files to WMV/AVI/MPG/MP4/ASF/MOV/MP3 in a batch.
* AVI or MPG format can be converted to AVI/WMV in batch or single conversion mode.
* All output files can be added to a burn-CD directly or converted to DVD, for playing on DVD-player.
* Interlace to progressive conversion option.
* Convert MKV files to WMV with sub-second speed.
* Video quality presets for conversion.
* Quickly convert MKV files to any formats.
* Convert MKV to MOV, MP3, WMV, AVI, MPG, ASF, MP4, etc.
* Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
* Ultra-fast conversion.
* Batch conversion.
* Adjust codec parameters.
* Adjust audio and video properties.
* Support batch conversion.
* Support DVD burning.
* Supports MP3 audio format.
* Support subtitles.
* Support chapter.
* Support real time encoding.
* Support preset encoding.
* Support chapter.
* Support sub-title.
* Support video encoding.
* Support all subtitles.
* Support bookmark.
* Support cross-platform operation.
* Support multi-thread encoding.
* Support multi-core encoding.
* Support no encryption.
* Support password protected.
* Support password protected with various password lengths.
* Support multiple profiles.
* Support multi-video editing.
* Support multi-input editing.
* Support multi-session editing.
* Supports duration editing.
* Support interval editing.
* Supports frame rate editing.
* Supports channel selection.
* Supports audio format

System Requirements For MKV To WMV Converter:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 Ghz or faster.
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Video: 1280×800 video card with 32-bit color support
Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
All assets used in the game will be made available at no cost to those who pre-purchase the game (no additional cost).
For any questions or inquiries regarding the pre-purchase

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