Zombie Invasion Removal Tool is a useful and practical software utility created to help you clean up the Zombie Invasion ad-generating extension from your Internet browsers, be they Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.
Basic yet novice-friendly usage
Following a quick and uneventful setup process, the application can be launched and you can start scanning your computer.
The straightforward usage of Zombie Invasion Removal Tool poses almost no difficulty, so even if you have never resorted to such a program before, you will be able to work with this one from the first run.
Clean the traces of Zombie Invasion from your browsers
Zombie Invasion is an extension which can be installed in all the popular browsers, causing the display of numerous advertisements, banners and hyperlinks when surfing the Internet, which aside from being annoying, can put your PC in more risk, if clicked.
To get rid of this add-on, you can use Zombie Invasion Removal Tool, which will scan your system for any traces of the extension and display the found results for you to analyze, before deleting them from your computer.
At the same time, the program also provides you with the means to restore your web browsers’ to their default state, by relying on the ‘Reset Browsers’ component, which will revert any changes you or other software has made.
Similarly, to increase your level of protection, Zombie Invasion Removal Tool lets you ‘Immunize Drives’, specifically protect USB sticks from future infections and disable the autoplay feature, which stops viruses from launching automatically.
An intuitive adware cleaner
All in all, Zombie Invasion Removal Tool proves to be a handy application that you can resort to, should you find your web browsing experience is flooded with Zombie Invasion advertisements and banners.







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Zombie Invasion is an ad-generating extension that poses as a Firefox add-on. When installed, it will generate random and additional advertisements, banners and hyperlinks on the pages you view in Internet browsers.
The ads may be annoying, but they also might put your PC in more risk. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean the traces of the ad-generating extension from your web browsers.
We have developed a software that will help you get rid of the traces of such an add-on from your web browsers.
Firefox users can use it with ease, and you will be able to achieve the same results, as you would by using Firefox itself, while Google Chrome and Internet Explorer users will also have no difficulties in coping with the program.
Because the program lets you delete both the cookies and the cache of your web browsers, you will be able to recover them to their default state.
Just select the button “Start” and the extension which is the cause of the problem will be deleted from your computer. You can run the program right from the browser itself. The removal process is very simple and we recommend you to use it, so your Internet browser can be as safe and comfortable as possible.

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from Sat, 07 August 2013 07:06:00

by Alexis


I used the program successfully.I’m not sure if it’s effective but it’s much better to get rid of the extension in the original browser than in the safe search version of the browser.

from Wed, 14 October 2012 02:41:30

by alf

Really nice tool thanks a lot for all your effort

from Tue, 25 March 2012 16:58:30

by Florin Remetioiu

It’s clean.

from Sun, 22 April 2011 02:30:10

by Mike


from Mon, 16 November 2008 01:05:45

by Alex

They are impressive, nevertheless I think there is a bit of pop-up and some small differences before and after, but it is a great site to clean my browser.

from Sun, 20 October 2008 11:59:17

by Dean

The Zombie Invasion Removal Tool Cracked 2022 Latest Version really is great, thank you very much.

from Sun, 28 March 2008

Zombie Invasion Removal Tool PC/Windows

Despite the fact that you can choose the version of the Memory analyser that you need, the program will always pick the latest version. The issue was reported for Microsoft Windows 12.0 & 15.0. The program works fine with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Problems that can be solved with Memory Analyzer

The analyser can sometimes be very annoying. It plays both defensive and offensive roles in the system, so it’s often hard to distinguish which are the symptoms of the virus and which are legitimate. The tool is a very useful program, but it’s not always effective. Luckily, it can be used to solve many problems. Some users may find the Memory analyser useful. So what are the reasons for this?

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If you are facing privacy and security problems, Junkware Removal Tool will be your best friend, as it will clean up any malware application or files that you may have installed without your permission.
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Adware Remover Tool is a free simple tool that displays a detailed report about the files currently installed on your computer. It helps you get rid of all the files that you do not need and that could be causing you problems. It works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

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Acid Free Tool
is a freeware utility that was developed

What’s New In?

Special Zombie Invasion Removal Software for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox, with which you can clean the traces of ad-generating extension from Internet browsers.
In addition to that, the app provides you with the means to quickly restore your web browsers’ to their default state, and protects your USB drives.
Click the button “download” to get the program.

Remove all types of virus and adware automatically in order to let your system be more stable.

Get rid of unwanted programs and plugins, such as browser helper objects (bho), browser add-ons, toolbars, plug-ins and more.


1. Runs on all Windows versions.
2. Supports following browsers and plugins: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer.
3. There is no any limits in usage of your PC (CPU load, RAM etc).
4. Runs out of box without registry hacks, no registry hacks needed for your PC.
5. Very easy to use.
6. Installs instantly without any windows prompts, not disturbing your working process.
7. The program is very easy to understand and to use, because it is very intuitive.
8. Runs not at any risks your PC and will not harm your PC.
9. The program has been tested by several IT experts and their users.
10. The program has a system requirements for Your PC.
11. The program is updated with latest algorithms so the program can clean the latest virus, spyware and malware from your PC.
12. The program is easy to use. It does not provide you with instruction manual, because it is so intuitive.

At the same time, Restore Junk Files is also a handy application, which allows you to remove any unwanted shortcuts from your computer.
So, what’s your choice? Download and try it!

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And this is not all! Today, there are some new viruses, which cannot be detected by any of antivirus software.


System Requirements:

Required: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit), 1 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 470 or ATI HD 4850 (GeForce) or better (Intel HD 4000 or better).
Recommended: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit), 2 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 560 or ATI HD 5790 (GeForce) or better (Intel HD 5000 or better).
Minimum: Windows 7 (32bit), 2 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, Intel HD 4000 or better.
Running on Internet Explorer version 9.0


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