It does not crash, it is very fast and you can barely noticed it is there are three of the qualities that make Google Chrome so appreciated. Then again, even this popular browser is a bit far from the security standards that are mandatory for any organization.
Even though it replicates its looks and feels, Iridium is a browser that comes with that extra layer of protection distinct to restrictive data environments.
Comes with a minimalistic UI that enhances your browsing experience
Considering that it borrows Chrome's appearance, you should expect to view the same clean and non-distracting interface. The browser seems to be designed on the principle that if it is not broke, do not fix it and hence, the Chrome lookalike UI provides a seamless navigation that does not get in your way.
The major advantage of the simple interface is that it enables you to focus solely on your work or project. Therefore, you do not have to worry about extra buttons or configuration settings that you do not know much about.
Includes additional security features that grant you control over data transmission
As you probably know, due to simplicity reasons, Chrome does not adhere completely to the standards unique to restrictive data environments. In addition to the streamlined looks, Iridium comes with a bundle of extra features that provide the maximum level of security.
To put it simply, the browser inhibits the automatic transmission of partial queries, metrics, keywords and other data to third parties without your consent. Moreover, it displays a notification within the browser window when it detects a tracker that is trying to retrieve information about you.
Other than the aforementioned features, the utility includes all the search and navigation possibilities you would expect from a top rated browser, meaning working with multiple tabs, auto-completion, search box, so on and so forth.
A Chromium based web browser with an extra layer of security
In the eventuality that you are looking for a tool that can offer you more security and control over the data that can be transmitted to unauthorized third-parties, then Iridium might be the browser to check out.







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Iridium is a stylish web browser that is easy to use and understand. It does not provide you with unnecessary features, but rather enables you to focus more on the task at hand.
Iridium comes with the following benefits:
– Access to private browsing mode that enables you to navigate through the web without leaving any traces
– A web browser that ensures the highest level of security by offering additional features, such as disabling automatic transmission of partial queries, metrics, keywords and other types of data
– A Chrome-like UI provides you with a clean and minimalist experience
– Enables you to access tabs, search box and other navigational tools from any webpage in a single click
– Shows notification messages when it detects a tracker
– Offers the ability to open multiple tabs
– Includes the ability to open PDF files, flash and downloaded files
– Available in over 20 languages
– Includes the ability to revert to your previous settings
It is a browser that suits your restrictive data environment
Considering that it comes with the highest level of security, Iridium allows you to protect sensitive data in the most private manner possible. The browser offers additional features, such as a minimalist UI that looks like Google Chrome, in order to enable you to focus on your work or project.
Furthermore, you can use the extension to prevent the automatic transmission of partial queries, metrics, keywords and other types of data to third parties, without your consent. Therefore, Iridium allows you to control how your data is transmitted online, ensuring that it is never displayed in a window.
It is a web browser that is suitable for a restrictive data environment
Being a Chromium-based web browser, Iridium does not provide you with additional functions, but only gives you the ability to access multiple tabs and to search the web.

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• Brings all the benefits that a user may associate with Google Chrome like simplicity, speed, privacy, reliability and power in a single browser.
• Very lightweight and easy to use.
• Extremely simple user interface that enhances your browsing experience.
• Includes additional security features that grant you control over data transmission.
• Impacts and initiatives to protect user privacy and data security.
• Will block the automatic transmission of partial queries, metrics, keywords and other data to third parties without your consent.
• Displays a notification within the browser window when it detects a tracker that is trying to retrieve information about you.
• Iridium Crack Mac lets you work with multiple tabs.
• It has a full set of keyboard shortcuts.
• Auto-complete for search box.
• It includes one-click download options.
• Supports PDF viewing.
• Easily integrates with different third party services like Google Drive, SharePoint.
• Chromium-based browser.
Iridium is a great browser for those that want a browser that has all the features that you would expect from a top browser with the extra layer of security that you might need for working on a site that is managing user data.Jai

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The performance of the browser is continuously improving, as Google Chrome is one of the best browser when it comes to speed and stability. However, sometimes, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of a page-saving task. That is why Iridium comes with an additional touch of perfect performance without any sacrifices to user experience.
Comes with a simplified look and feel to enhance the browsing experience
As the browser’s face resembles that of its parent, you should expect to view a similar environment that is both intuitive and simple. This is because Iridium’s interface is a bit similar to that of Chrome in terms of simplicity.
Apart from its looks, the browser is designed to be a seamless and distraction-free navigation experience that allows you to work more comfortably.
Enhances the security of the browsing experience
Unlike Chrome, Iridium includes all the major features you would expect from a professional browser including multi-tab browsing, search boxes, auto-complete, cache and so forth. The browser also includes extra security features that allow you to monitor what is happening to your data and increase your control over it.
Features Highlight:

The utility comes with all the major features you would expect from a top-rated browser such as search, internet, history, RSS, bookmarks, password manager, you name it! However, due to unique security, privacy and data transmission features, Iridium actually serves as a dedicated browser for data-rich environments.
Comes with an user-friendly and distraction-free interface
As a Chrome lookalike, Iridium comes with the same familiar and easy-to-navigate UI you would expect from the Chrome browser. However, it does not have all the extras required for a professional environment. The user interface of the browser is both minimalist and distraction-free.
In addition to its streamlined looks, the browser can immediately provide you with advanced search capabilities, auto-completion, context menus and other navigation options that will certainly keep your browsing experience at its very best.
Moreover, to increase the level of security and monitor the activities in your environment, Iridium includes a special section that tells you about the information that is being transmitted to unauthorized third-parties.
If you are looking for a sleek and user-friendly browser that comes with an extra layer of security, then Iridium might be your best bet.

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What’s New in the Iridium?

Losing data to unsolicited third parties is like losing your soul, this is why Iridium incorporates all the functionalities of Chrome while bringing in the addition layer of security that makes it compatible with the harsh environments of restrictive data computing.



New in version 5

9 reviews for Iridium


A clean, safe and fast browser with minimal distractions

Posted 05 December 2017

By thedevalu

from San Diego

This browser is fantastic. I rarely use other browsers because Chrome has become so ‘intimidating’ to the visitor. This version has the least amount of nonsense. The functionality of the chrome browser is there, but in a minimal look. You don’t have to ‘double click’ on things, and you are not bombarded with a million websites while you are trying to read something. In iridium, you don’t need to open a site in order to find what you need. You can search immediately, you can save your favorite sites on a bookmark, and even set up a home page. The overall speed is fantastic. It feels like you are using the same browser you had ten years ago, because the interface is so minimal. It just works. I have no complaints with this browser. Perhaps I would have with the previous version, but this version is fantastic!


Good browser but it has bugs

Posted 02 December 2017

By bweeley


This browser is nice and all, but when I close it, it doesn’t open up and reopen, it stays closed. This happens even after shut down and restarting. Other browsers don’t do that, I prefer to always start a browser in a closed state, so i can leave it to load when I’m ready. I’ve tried restarting my computer, reloading the browser, and uninstalling and reinstalling the browser.


Could be improved

Posted 29 November 2017

By khyris


I wanted an icon to change to that the site I go to is not blocked. After it changes I have to close the browser and reopen. Is there a setting for this? Very annoying.


Probably the best.

Posted 28 November 2017

By zenrider


This is one of the best browsers I’ve used in a long time. It has every

System Requirements For Iridium:

-Windows XP/Vista/7/8 -Mac OSX
-2GHz Processor, 128MB RAM
Minimum: 9.0
Recommended: 9.0
Platform: Xbox 360 (Possible Xbox One & PC Versions)
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Price: $19.99
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