Nyaruru is a game about the joy of discovery, where the alchemy of aesthetic beauty and esoteric science are a matter of self-discovery. Through the playful interplay of hidden rules and non-linear gameplay, Nyaruru teaches players to experience the beauty and joy in everything, the more you experience.
What is Nyaruru?
Nyaruru is a 2D arcade game played by pressing up, down, left, and right buttons of the smartphone. The player’s objective is to eat all of the fish by matching them one by one.
How is Nyaruru created?
The idea of creating Nyaruru was born while playing the Game Jumper. The developer, Kusaka, took a long time in deciding on the basic gameplay, only deciding that it should be possible to eat all the fish. It was Kusaka who developed the audio to match the game concept and called in a professional musician, Wada, to arrange the songs. Wada and Kusaka spent a lot of time in discussing the basic design of the characters, and decided that Orca, the boss character of the game, would be a divine being. They also decided that Oika, the protagonist, would be the person who becomes the alchemy of everything.
About the Game’s Presented Gameplay
During the creation of Nyaruru, the developer implemented the concept that all the input to Nyaruru would be a touchscreen. At that time, they thought that a game involving touchscreens would naturally evolve in the form of a game similar to FlippingTales, so they started working on that game. While developing that game, they decided that it was better to make a game that was original, so they tried the core gameplay of Nyaruru as a trial. The core gameplay of Nyaruru is similar to that of the former title. You can match a fish with the fish shown on the screen. That game is the backbone of Nyaruru.
What is Nyaruru’s Game-Playing Composition?
The game uses a traditional control method where players match fish by pressing up, down, left, and right. The fish move along the screen’s edge. In the touch-screen mode, players can eat the fish by touching them.
The game also uses a star field and music. The game’s hero lives in a world where the stars shine down on her. She looks up at the stars and connects with the universe. The music plays as the game progresses


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