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This product is a bundle of resources to accompany any of the AGK Classic series products, starting with a beginner’s guide introducing the basics of using the AppGameKit Classic editor. The book is accessible to everyone and contains a list of common coding skills.
AGK Classic is a simple BASIC-like language that brings many of the programming concepts to life. Students of any age can start coding at their own pace. Some concepts, such as the two-dimensional grid and mathematics are easy to teach while others may require a more advanced path through the language. All in all, it makes an excellent teaching tool for any beginner or advanced programmer.
Educational Materials Contents:

AppGameKit Classic

Beginning BASIC

Visual Basic





The Two-Dimensional Grid


Conditional Statements


Conditional Statements

Logical Operators

User-Defined Types





The guide consists of 23 pages with a total of 182 code samples. The book is designed to be self-contained and suitable for beginners at any level.

This guide is a guide to implementing a strategy game using the AppGameKit Classic (AGK) scripting language.

• Introduction and introduction
• Purpose of the book
• Rules of conventions
• Basic introduction to AGK
• Blank Game Logic
• Introduction to String Variables
• Introduction to Variables and Constants
• Initialization of the Variables
• Use of the Variables
• Use of the Constants
• Introduction to Operators
• Introduction to Functions
• Initialization of functions
• Use of the functions
• Introduction to Loops
• Introduction to the ‘do-while’ loop
• Use of the ‘do-while’ loop
• Introduction to loops
• Introduction to Conditional Statements
• Introduction to the ‘if’ conditional statement
• Use of the ‘if’ conditional statement
• Introduction to Math Expressions and Statements
• Introduction to Functions and Loops
• Introduction to the ‘do-while’ conditional statement
• Use of the ‘do-while’ conditional statement
• Introduction to Conditional Statements
• Introduction to the ‘if’ conditional


Features Key:

  • SSS theme, clean and simple
  • Realistic flying game with smooth movements in any plane, just share your 3D model and put the camera into the plane. This game can’t be crashed or destroyed, also this game is not equal to fly with a helicopter
  • Now 30.000 models pre-painted and 3.000 fully-textured
  • A total of 8 aircraft that will to fly and destroy
  • Load model and texture in 3 minutes
  • When you destroy an airplane, a multiplier will appear.
  • At end of levels, the highest score will be added by other players.
  • Temporary Billboards with dynamic text
  • Easy level editor
  • Mostly for fun but also for show your 3D’s skills and to share your creations!
  • Insiders Fly and Destroy

    • 10 new levels
    • 3 new aircraft (Berserk Jet & Sharkplane RFI)
      -Fly them all together in single player or the one that the voice says!
    • A total of 10 new billboards.
    • New end-boss, 6 new items
    • Brand new user interface
    • You can change the colors. Use a black and white theme for your multiplayer.
    • Logo removal (in multiplayer mode)
    • New easy console commands

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    Bounty Hunter: Stampede – Population Pack 4 Free [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

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    Bounty Hunter: Stampede – Population Pack 4 With Registration Code Free [Mac/Win]

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