GlitchPets is a synthwave-steampunk-pixel art RPG. Its soundtrack includes over 2 minutes of OST music, and is divided into three themes:
Theme One:
Dexano – Open Sun
Adono – Daytime Sun
Plaunce – Dynamic Sun
Theme Two:
Ohay – Gilden Sun
Kitfreeze – Gloomy Sun
Sinister 16 – Sun’s Evil
Drops – Rainy Sun
Theme Three:
Rule of Three – Floating Sun
Space Anomaly – Lunar Sun
Tine – Sunlight
Progsynth + Chortledrums – Multisun
Glid 1.2 – Wave Swimming Sun
Kasull District – Darkest Sun
Augmient – Full Sun
Tenderplant – Tangerine Sun
Zaaz 4x5g – Gradient Sun
Harvest Drone – Weakest Sun
Ambiancestral – Brightest Sun
Fmcb – Full Moon (Day)
Variousing – Clouds
Polonium – Night Sun
Americium – Luminous Sun
Venerunder – Luna
Plick – Glowing
Mendelevium – Sun Is Dead
Cyberbois – Red Sun
Americium – Stellar
Americium – Blue Sun
Radium – Pointy Cone
Mythica (cover) – Wave

.wav format

The main character and story come first. From there on the story and ambient music usually play a big role in the game. In my opinion it’s a bit like putting some romantic background music in a romance game. You don’t really want people to know about that right away, so it doesn’t take the attention away from the story.


I like the atmosphere of your games but I’m not a fan of the music.

I like the aymncy frontage song that’s in game. I think it’s really cool.

I don’t like the way the music is put in. It’s as though it’s a background going on while the characters talk.

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Features Key:

  • Songs by Alan Walker
    • 03. Alisa
    • 10. The World is Small
    • 14. Freedom

    • 18. By some Distance Smaller
  • Music videos by Alan Walker
    • 05. Shivers
    • 06. El Farolito
    • 07. Internal Wind
    • 08. Can’t Speak
    • 11. Lost In LA
    • 12. Open (feat. Kassy
  • Audio book by Alan Walker
    • 01. Mina
    • 02. Here
    • 03. Não
    • 04. Ventos
    • 05. Cansard
    • 07. Darwin
    • 08. Declarar
    • 09. LA

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