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The Application

Essentially, Photoshop is a suite of tools for creating and editing raster images, including photographs, posters, maps, line drawings, drawings and graphic designs. It is also a versatile and powerful digital drawing and painting program.

It’s effective for editing images, such as retouching portraits and putting up posters or printing out images of special days like birthdays and anniversaries.

Photoshop is designed to be a powerful and flexible image-editing tool, but it is also a complex tool for beginners. Getting started is as easy as opening the program; however, it’s useful to learn some key Photoshop terms and techniques so you can develop your own Photoshop skills and really take control of your images.

Most of Photoshop’s features are accessible from the user interface or through the menus. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with many of Photoshop’s options and features; however, with the help of tutorials, some basic understanding and practice, you will develop a knack for creating, enhancing and retouching your images.

The Comprehensive User Interface

Let’s begin by looking at the interface — the way you see and work in Photoshop. The majority of Photoshop’s features are accessed through the user interface (UI). The UI consists of three main parts: the canvas, panels and the tools.

The canvas is the active space where the actual image will be created. An image can be resized, opened and positioned on the canvas. There are usually a number of image layers that can be edited separately, and many image layers in a single image can be edited at the same time. Each layer can also contain text and graphics.

The panel, as the name suggests, is the box that holds all the options and the tools you use to apply, edit or remove items from the image. The toolbars (also called toolboxes) are the main panels that you work from. The toolbars are the icons at the top of the screen.

The tools are the icons at the bottom of the screen that you can use to create, modify and manipulate the image. The features covered in this tutorial are located on the canvas and toolbars and are organized in a grid and icons. The features are discussed in the following sections.

The actual process of editing an image in Photoshop uses the other interface elements, such as menus, including the context menu. For example, if you select a path on a layer, you may be able to use the options in the

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Powerful features

The program includes many powerful features:

Support of all PSD (Photoshop Document) formats

Multiple apps

Easy to use interface

Resize the files and send to anywhere

Load and save

Scratchboard, image maker


Color tool

Adjustment Layer and Blending


Add Layer Mask, Layer Lasso, Move Tool

Raster to Vector



Smart objects


Drawing tools

Save as PNG, JPEG or PDF


Duplicate a selection

Safe eraser

Free or locked layers


Smart art

Sharpen, Filter and Blur

Mask of a layer

Search text


Alpha channel

Move, rotate and mirror

Snap to grid



Create animated GIF

Hand tool

Path tools

Free Transform

Best 3D Graphics software

Photoshop Elements is one of the best graphic editor applications. The program offers a wide variety of tools and features that will satisfy the needs of professional graphic artists, designers and hobbyists looking for a more cost-effective choice. It includes more than 100 graphic design tools for images, video, music, interactives, presentations, and logos.

Gallery of power tools


By using a powerful pen tool, designers can create a canvas which has an unlimited number of drawing areas where any tools can be added. The size of the canvas can be resized and rotated by using the canvas or image tools.

Image slide show

The software includes a tool called Photo feature that can automatically make a slide show of high-resolution photos. The photos can be moved or swapped in order to add interesting shots.

Screen capture

The program includes an option for screen capture.

Screen capture

Gif animation

Gif effects

The software contains several tools for creating Gif animations, including overlays, zoom, frames, backgrounds and masks.

Drawing tool

An icon that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on a canvas and then transformed, resized, rotated, or moved.


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