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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop has many tools for creating effects.

Let’s look at a few common ones that Photoshop beginners will use to transform their images.

This section covers layers.

Creating a new layer

The first step in editing your images with Photoshop is to create a new layer, and that new layer will become the image on the computer screen.

Sometimes you want to keep parts of your image as a background, in which case you create a new layer and position that new layer on top of the background.

There are two methods for creating a new layer.

On your keyboard

You can create a new layer by pressing and holding Alt/Option (Windows) and the Shift keys. This will bring up a two-layer box.

That box will be on top of your existing image.

If you release the keys but keep the Shift keys pressed, the new layer will be positioned below your current image layer.

This method is useful if you have a long image and want to place a new layer at the top or bottom, and you don’t want a large dark bar or dark bar at the top or bottom of the image, respectively.

Using the New Layer button

The New Layer button is on the toolbox’s right side.

When you click on the New Layer button, a new layer will appear.

The New Layer button brings up a hidden menu that allows you to name the layer, create new layers, and edit the layer’s settings.

Another way to get to this menu is by clicking on the drop-down arrow that appears after you select the New Layer button.

The Left Image button

You can use the Left Image button to create a new layer.

This button is on the top-left of the Layer Panel.

When you click it, a new layer will appear on your image and your image will be placed on the layer.

You can use this method if you want to place another layer on top of your image’s current layer.

The use of layers greatly enables the manipulation of images.

You may create a new layer if you want to place the layer in a different spot on the layer panel. You can move the layer around if you want to move it over or off of the image completely.

Saving Layers

Layers can be “saved,” or saved as a new

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There are different ways to edit a photo in Photoshop Elements. You can upload your edited image to the Internet and save it there, so that it’s available to other people. Or you can save the image in your Documents folder.

It’s important to save your work each time to a new location. If you share images on your PC, save each image to a different folder. If you give images to friends and family members, ask them to save the images to their own computer, or to photo print shops.

To share images, you can save it on the Internet by uploading it to Facebook, to Flickr or to a free photo-sharing service of your choice. You can also save a web page to a regular file.

You can share a web page by opening the page in Adobe Photoshop Elements, and selecting File → Save Page As… from the menu.

Before you make your first change to an image, make sure that the file is open in the correct program.

If you open a photo in Photoshop Elements, it will start in the “lightroom” program. If you want, you can keep it open there, and your changes will be saved there.

There is a feature in Photoshop Elements that lets you work on several photos at the same time, with one eye on the version you are editing, and the other eye on Photoshop Elements.

To use this feature, you need to open the photo in “lightroom” first and then in Photoshop Elements.

Let’s look at how to do this.

Open the photos and the photo you want to edit in Photoshop Elements

You can open images from your hard drive, or you can open them from your computer.

Open the first photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements. To open the photo in Photoshop Elements, follow these steps:

Drag and drop the image you want to work on into the active window of Photoshop Elements.

From the File → Open menu, or press F4.

In Photoshop Elements, if the image opens in the lightroom program, and not in the Photoshop elements window, click the Photoshop Elements icon from the top menu bar.

You can resize the image by using the handles and the scroll bar.

Sometimes the image doesn’t open in Photoshop Elements. If this happens

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