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Arnaud de Corcy (born 2 November 1938 in Mionnet) is a French former cyclist. Competing in professional from 1959 to 1964, he won two editions of the Critérium International in 1963 and 1964. He died on 13 November 2010 at the age of 70.

Major results
1st Critérium International
1st Critérium International
2nd National Road Race Championships


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Category:French male cyclistsSand die

Sand die


My wife wants to learn about sand die. Do you guys know any books or sites that can tell her all about it? She really wants to get an idea of how a typical die is made.

Re: Sand die

I know one good sand die maker. During my work in the jewelry business, I picked up a trade that allowed me to also sell to the hobbyist. I know very little about sand dies, but I can introduce you to the molds for those dies and pass you the dealer that sells them, because she is the one with that knowledge and I know her husband made the design.

Re: Sand die

I have been asked about a sand die, but since I am not big on sand, I thought I would ask.
I do turn on medians and change the end profile when I change medians from round to square. But, most of my medians are just half of what I am looking for, so I have been looking into some new medians that you can carve yourself.
I have always found sand to be a drag to work with. It is just too soft. But, it is the one die I like to work with.

Re: Sand die

I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. If I had to make one, I would use a good old Rubberick. The cutters are relatively cheap, the results are, too! But be careful to keep the surface from sticking to the work. I’ve had a few die make-ups where the surface of the new medium was so sticky they failed when I went to loosen the set-up dies.

Re: Sand die


I have used the sand die at


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