Toxtronyx, formerly known as ToxSick Labs, is an independent developer of computer games based in Chemnitz, Germany. We are specialized on simulations but also don’t hesitate to try out other genres. Next to creating full featured games we also sell visual assets and later on tools created by our team.




We have mainly simulations in our portfolio but also one physics puzzle game. After switching to the Unity Engine we instantly started multi platform development with the main goal to reach a far wider audiency. Our current project is a very realistic truck simulator. The game is available as “early access” at Steam.


Asset packs

In the past we worked together with Dexsoft Games to publish asset packs. After switching to Unity we started creating asset packs solely for the Unity Asset Store. We are presently preparing some Asset Packs and will shot them on Steam as soon as possible.



For our current project we had to develop a lot of extensions fitting our needs. One of the tools is called Splineworx and makes it easier for us, to build our roads in the current projects. Some of them will find their way into the Asset Store, too.


3D modeling is a technique in computer graphics for producing a 3D digital representation of any object or surface. Toxtronyx is well experienced in doing models of products just before these are really existing. This is very helpful in order to get a first impression of a product or to get very quick to market – just before you could a picture of it.

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